Friday, August 25, 2006

Entering another world

Currently working on a myspace account...

This is sooo time consuming. So come and find me. Make me your friend. :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

lines from a Sunday

These gifts I wear like memories.
Grandma's ring. Michelle's necklace.
Daddy's sweater.
A few try to escape
when I press them for what they know
of beloved backyards and pansy patches.
A field of corn does the same dance
in Ohio as in my belly, but
tell me no secrets, while
the scent of talcum powder opens
ancient jewelry boxes.

Monday, August 14, 2006

There is a Forest

Prayer today at work was amazing. One of those times when we really allowed ourselves to sit down and show our hurt to each other. And what came of that, but the realization that we are all at a similar place.

Last week, one coworker "shared" that she came to the realization that we are all misfits. Every one of us, ill-fitting in the spectrum of normalcy due to all the extreme things going on in our lives. At that point we just chuckled and nodded.

Today, we broke.

We are all crying out, "Just show me LORD! I know there's stuff You'd have me do. Got it. Okay, let's start already! I'M WAITING!"

But then we hear, "Dear one, I'm waiting on you."

While I've been standing still on the corner I've staked as mine, poking my sneaker at the lamppost base, God's been blazing the adventurous way through the woods to my left, just out of my peripheral vision. Dare I turn and stare at the trees and poison ivy? Will I miss the cold light of the lamppost? Is it possible that I won't have a claustrophobic attack as soon as I can't see the sky? And the real question: Do I want what is on the far side of the forest? Enough to bleed for it? Enough to trust it even exists?